Álom-videók // Dream-videos

Álomszilánkok, töredékek. Áldott öntudatlanság. // Dreamshards, fragments. Blessed unconsciousness.

Another two steps...

I'm afraid to start. | The moment is moving inside of me. | Clean and unfamiliar. | I have never... like this. |  Not my legs. | The body of the moon. | Already. | Like the sky. | It was like that.
My head is soft. | The sorrow is falling down on me, the bed is holding my body. | It seems like there is no time. | I'm waking up.

Video: Szabó Imola Julianna és Palman Zsuzsi
Hang//Voice: Magolcsay Nagy Gábor


Video: Palman Zsuzsi
Szöveg//Text: Szabó Imola Julianna, Magolcsay Nagy Gábor
Hang//Voice: Magolcsay Nagy Gábor